151: Iced

(Queen Anne’s Lace on ice.)

It’s back!  Winter has returned, and not in a very nice way.  It started with snow late yesterday afternoon.  Sometime overnight it turned to freezing rain and sleet.  Then back to snow this morning.

(The pond late yesterday afternoon.)

I went out for my walk early today.  I didn’t stay out longer than the commitment-required minimum of 30 minutes. The radar is showing more sleet/freezing rain on the way.  I’m hoping it will turn to snow before it arrives.  But just in case, I decided to keep my walk to a minimum so I could get back inside and warm up myself and the house before the next round of winter precipitation arrives.

(Ice and snow in the trees.)

It’s very crunchy outside.  That’s better than being slippery.  Still, everything is iced over to some degree.  Putting up the flag on the mailbox, for instance, was impossible as it is completely iced over.  Hopefully our mail person will have the good sense to take the mail that’s in there for pick-up without the flag to notify them it’s in there.

(An ice drop.)

I did not go into the woods, although it looks very pretty back that way.  The tree branches are being weighed down by the ice, and everything is crackling and crunching.  Getting bonked on the head by a falling tree or branch would not be a good thing.

Nature has undoubtedly mastered the art of winter gardening and even the most experienced gardener can learn from the unrestrained beauty around them.

~ Vincent A. Simeone

I’ll leave you with a few more photos of Nature’s handiwork.  I want to get this set up to auto-post later today, in case we have a power outage.

(The crown jewels.)

(This morning’s view of the pond from the cattails.)

(Icy drops.)

(Snow, sleet, and ice on the holly.)

And one of man’s handiwork: