143: In the blink of an eye

(Bella, ready to play.)

Day 2 of the 10-day challenge.  Another success.  I was up at 6:00 and on the yoga mat by 6:15 or so.  The cats are freaked out.  They’re not used to having humans doing anything other than sleeping while it’s still dark outside.  The exception is when we travel since we frequently have to leave home at some ungodly hour to get to the airport for a ridiculously early-in-the-morning flight.

It has been a fabulous day.  I feel relaxed yet invigorated.  I will have to keep reminding myself that although starting the day off with yoga and meditation might not mean every day will be a fabulous day, it is a good way to start any day.

(Sunlight, shadows, and footprints on the pond.)

M and I were going to go cross-country skiing today but the wind was too much.  I did go out for my walk and nearly got blown away.  Talk about invigorating!  Cold, crisp, and nearly impossible to walk into the wind.  The wind did, however, carry me back home quite nicely.

While back in the woods by the creek I took this photo:

Before I could move the camera, things changed and I took this one:

I didn’t change any of the settings on the camera.  The answer to this mystery is:  the sun broke out from behind the clouds and changed everything.

We woke up to heavy snowfall.  A few hours later it changed over to mostly sunny with occasional cloudy spells.  If the wind wasn’t trying to blow us away, it would have been a very nice day.

(Windy day by the creek. The birds might be nearly as noisy as the wind.)

M and I are getting ready to make a Chicago-style deep dish pizza for dinner tonight.  It’s one of those things we make really well together.  I thought I might have posted the recipe here sometime over the past 5 years but can’t find it so I’ll have to make a point of doing so someday.  Not today, though, as I need to get upstairs and start chopping veggies.

Today’s CD

Dr. Chesky’s Magnificent, Fabulous, Absurd & Insane Musical 5.1 Surround Show

It’s actually a DVD and I’m not quite sure what the purpose of it is other than to show off your surround sound.  Maybe.  Whatever the case, it was M’s choice since he’s home today and it’s interesting.  With selection titles such as Cello, Helicopters and Cars! and Church Mice, how could it not be interesting?  I’ve actually been enjoying it.  I’m not sure I expected to enjoy it but today’s yoga intention is:  An open heart.  That means approaching everything today with an open heart, even things I don’t necessarily like to do.  It’s amazing what a difference intention makes.

And on that note, I am outta here.  Time to make some pizza!

P.S.  Thought I posted this an hour or so ago.  The pizza will be going into the oven soon.  🙂