141: Patience

(Icy flow.)

Winter is once again trying to teach me patience.  I hesitate to say so but, this might be the year it succeeds.

When I posted yesterday, I had not yet gone out for my walk.  I wasn’t sure I would.  I’d been in and out for brief periods of time, not enough to add up to to my 30 minute commitment.  It was one of those days when the wind and cold conspire to deliver frostnip (or worse yet, frostbite) to unsuspecting and uncovered bits of skin.  But I had to get out there to feed the birds so I layered up, covered everything I could, and made my way across the frozen lands of winter in the Bogs.

I fed the birds and then, before I could give it too much thought, started down the hill and along the northeast side of the pond.  If I had thought about it, I would not have gone.  The wind was harsh and relentless.  The cold seeped inside my coat and my mittens.  My face went numb.  The sun, a milky light above the trees, was trying to fight its way through the cloud cover.

(Yesterday’s view of the creek.)

I made it to the woods and down to the creek.  I marveled at the patterns in the ice.  I felt myself warming up, the woods and the lower level sheltering me from the wind. I was torn between sitting down and waiting for spring, and making the trek back out to where the wind and cold would beat at me.

It’s not easy to be patient with winter.  That thought kept running through my head as I climbed up the hill and out of the woods, my legs already tired.  The snow pack is some weird conglomeration of snow, ice, sleet, and more snow.  It’s difficult to walk on it or in it.  I started watching the ground, looking for footprints from the past as those have iced over and very often I can stay on top of the snow crust when I walk in previous footprints, making it easier to keep going.

(Lines in the ice.)

It’s not easy to be patient with winter.  February, to me, is the longest shortest month of the year.  It stretches on into infinity.  The month of February is why people up north head south.  The month of February is when I start to feel restless and oh-so-ready for spring.  Bring on the sunshine. Bring on the warmer temperatures.  Bring on the thaw and the crocuses and the daffodils and the greening of the land.

That will come.  With time.  With patience.  Even with impatience, it will get here eventually.  It’s just easier if I’m patient about it.

(Trees swaying in the wind.  The movement is from the wind and trees, not the camera.  Video taken yesterday.)

Today is prettier than yesterday, but colder.  The sky is an intense shade of blue and the sun is incredibly bright.  I kept my walk close to home.  It will be nice when some of the snow along the road thaws so I can take a walk around the neighborhood.  As it is now, I’d have to walk in the road and that’s something I don’t care to do.

The 10-Day challenge starts tomorrow.  Marianne will be doing Qigong.  Bo (who has escaped winter by going on an adventure in a warmer, sunny climate) will be doing T’ai Chi.  I will be doing yoga. Feel free to join us with whatever meditative process you prefer, at any time of the day you prefer.  I’ll be up at 6am.

Today’s CD


I love, love, love this CD.  Adele is an English singer-songwriter.  She describes her music as “heartbroken soul.”  Her voice is rich, voluptuous, and bluesy.  Adele’s new album, 21, is on my wish list.  You can listen to her here and here.

30 Comments on “141: Patience”

  1. milkayphoto says:

    You are braver than I! You found some lovely winter treasures out in the cold. YOU would LOVE my heated snowboarding pants! I so want to venture outside but the bitter temps are keeping me inside these days. Soon, cabin fever will motivate me to bundle up and head outdoors…

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Tracy. 🙂

      HEATED snowboarding pants?? Who knew?? You are so right. I would LOVE them. I’ve been looking at heated boots. My feet are almost always cold. But they’re expensive and if I have to choose between the heated boots and a pair of snowshoes, I’d rather have the snowshoes. I can always layer the socks.

      • milkayphoto says:

        Yep, stumbled upon them 2 weeks ago on CLEARANCE at my local TJMaxx (you have those stores?) On their own, the pants are fab and with the rechargeable lithium battery, they are AWESOME! They don’t make you sweat, just a nice gentle warming with three temp controls.

        I also recently found THE warmest, most comfortable boots! My feet ALWAYS got cold no matter how many layers of socks. No more! I think it is the Italian wool lining that goes all the way to the toes that does it.

        Now I just need warm gloves that still allow me to take photos…I am eyeing a heated pair and hoping they go on sale…

  2. Brrrr… I remember those BITTER cold days from when I lived in the Chicago area! I miss the snow, but I can’t say I miss those bitter cold temperatures.

    That first one is AMAZING!!!!

  3. Karma says:

    I agree, this is a difficult time of year to be patient for spring. With snow in amounts I haven’t seen in many years, it feels even farther away than usual this year.
    That first photo is a really neat formation!

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Karma. 🙂

      I think you guys got hit harder than us this year. Or I’m so used to snow by now that it doesn’t seem like much. Maybe both.

  4. The photo of the ice is amazing! Movement stilled in frozen swirls.

    Strangely you make me miss the cold down here in Haiti–weird, I know.

    Hugs from Haiti,

  5. Scott says:

    We could all use more videos like that.

  6. Anna says:

    I agree, it isn’t easy to have patience with winter as this last time was brutally cold. I just love the icy flow and lines in ice photos. 🙂

  7. Kala says:

    I completely agree – February IS the longest shortest month.

  8. While you’re waiting patiently for spring to arrive, we are all looking forward to the cooler weather here. Aren’t we humans a funny lot? Never satisfied with what we have!

    Maybe we should take a leaf out of Bo’s book, and follow our preferred weather around! 🙂

    I love the lines in the ice photo!

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Joanne. 🙂

      I agree. Bo has the right idea. Follow the weather.

      I was thinking similar thoughts after posting this (regarding how we’re never satisfied with what we have). I keep reminding myself that once the dog days of August roll around, I won’t be happy with the sun and heat either, so I should enjoy the coolness of winter while I can.

  9. Marianne says:

    Day 1 completed, Robin. Thank you for the mention in the blog. I’m practicing Qigong. I used to do yoga, but can no longer do the moves because of the RA. Qigong is similiar to Tai Chi in that the movements are slow and gentle.

    Patience is something I have to work on, but it is a lot better than it used to be.

    Icy flow is beautiful.

  10. bearyweather says:

    You are so right … the longest short month ever and it does not help to know that March will the be a long, long month (usually our snowiest).
    Unlike you, it is not teaching me patience (I think I had that) … it is trying my patience and wearing me down.
    Love your pictures … wish there was some fun open water and ice to see around here … maybe in April (big sigh).

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Bearyweather. 🙂

      It would try my patience too if I had to wait until April for a thaw. We’ve been known to have snow as late as May, but that’s unusual and it’s usually a fairly quick event. 2007 was a cold year, though, and the pond stayed frozen throughout the entire month of April and we had snow off and on to go with the cold.

  11. giulas41 says:

    It’s funny that i know many people from tropic countries that just envy you guys…Their biggest complain is that there is no snow in their winter. They never saw a white road after the snow and they were never able to skate on icy lakes. Go figure… Great post!!!

    • Robin says:

      Isn’t that the way of it, Giulas41? As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. I don’t find that to be true in reality, but we often think it is.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

  12. penpusherpen says:

    Just dropping in to have my ‘fix’ for the day. Lovely cold photo’s, the ice one looks like an Ordnance Survey map completed by Nature itself…
    Patience? well, I’m not a patient person, and Winter would have it’s job cut out trying to teach me any different…I do try to slow down, to wait…and take a deep breath, but It rarely works. We humans are never satisfied, and never will be I guess, as our Natures seem to be made that way.
    Adele is quite simply fantastic as you say, could listen to her for ages. xPenx

  13. ladyfi says:

    What fabulous photos. In the middle of a storm here, so am with you about not wanting to go out…

  14. Love the icy flow, it’s captivating. I agree with you that February is the longest shortest month of the year. Snow just lingers and doesn’t go away. Although I think you have it much colder. It’s great to see the awesome results of your getting outside.

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