130: Be back soon

(Giraffe at the Cleveland Zoo.  2007.)

This was supposed to be an auto-post to let you know that I’m out and about on an outdoor adventure.  For some reason it didn’t post (even though everything looks as it should).

So…  I had an incredible day today which I will tell you all about when I’m settled back at home sometime tomorrow.  Or, if I’m too exhausted after another incredible day of fresh air, snow, and exercise, then I’ll see you on Tuesday with the details.

There will be pictures, too.  I’m excited about that because it meant doing something risky.  I am not known for being terribly risky (I don’t see myself that way).  I’m pretty thrilled.  Even if all the photos are bad, I’m thrilled.

And exhausted.  Time for me to collapse.  Be back soon!