126: The Marmot

(Marmot.  Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.  August 2010.)

I asked this marmot to step in as a placeholder of sorts for me and he (or she) has graciously agreed.  I need a little break from my usual rambles and long blog posts.

The break will give me a chance to catch up on email, read blogs, leave comments, and all kinds of other good stuff.

Today’s outdoor time will take place late in the afternoon.  M and I are going cross-country skiing at a nearby park.  I’ll take the camera along in case I have time and light to hike around a little after we ski.  Even after taking the ski lesson, I am not confident enough to bring the camera along while I’m on skis.

P.S.  After doing the post about spacing and handwriting (see This and that), I’ve read a few other blog posts on both subjects.  I particularly like Quinn’s post, Bye-Bye Handwriting.

For a sample of my handwriting, click here.  It’s an old post at my other blog, Bountiful Healing.