102: Sunday Sightseeing

Winter has returned to the Bogs.  The clouds parted, the sun came out, and everything is frozen or on its way to being frozen.  The water around the edge of the pond thawed during our brief warm-up and it is now refreezing and making crackling sounds as the water underneath gets pushed about by the wind bearing down on the ice.

It’s incredibly windy.  The temperature was hovering around 28 degrees when I went out for my daily walk with winter.  The sky is an amazing shade of blue.

With the sun lighting up the world, everything looked so beautiful that I took far too many photos.  A slideshow, methinks, will be the best way to go today.  Please join me on my walk around the pond.

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I resolve…

#1.  To take better care of myself.

Like a lot of folks, I did some overindulging over the holidays.  I have decided, beginning today, to take Garrison Keillor‘s advice.  In an essay about turning 50 he suggested that those of us who indulge should take a vacation from alcohol.  (You can read a few of the quotes, including the one on alcohol, here.)  While I do enjoy a nice glass of wine, a hoppy pint of beer, or a good bourbon (not all at once, mind you) every now and then, my body seems to prefer alcohol-free days and nights.  I sleep better, for one thing, and a good night’s sleep always brings clarity to my life.  Between the yoga, the meditation, and the daily outdoor experiences, I get enough mind-altering without the need for alcohol.  Besides, I just feel better overall when I don’t indulge in alcohol.

There are other steps I plan to take, but this is a good one to start with for now.  Over the past few days I’ve read several articles about goal-setting and resolutions. What I would like to do this year is continue habit-building, something a friend originally suggested (and started doing for herself) a few years ago.

Bearyweather recently wrote about procrastination in a post titled Deal With It, You Will Feel Better.  She included a lot of great quotes, thought-provoking ideas and suggestions, and some good links for further information.  Head on over and have a read.  It might help you with your own goals and resolutions.

Speaking of which…

Have you made made any resolutions for 2011?  I’d love to hear what you have in mind for the new year.