100: Goodbye 2010

(A hint.)

This will likely be another auto-post.  It’s actually the eve before New Year’s Eve as I type this.  It’s been a long day, chock full of fun and learning, ending with a dinner with good friends.  People who are really more like family after all this time.

Anyhow.  I’ve found myself some internet access (just trying to sound like the provincial I am…lol!) and decided I should set up an auto-post because I may not have time for it on New Year’s Eve.  I should be home by dinner time.  After that, who knows?  M and I might go over to Akron for their First Night celebration, weather permitting.

(Another hint.)

Some of you may have figured out where I’ve spent the last few days.  The first hint may not have been much help but surely the second gave it away.  And if not, you’ll soon know for sure as I plan on settling in for the weekend and getting caught up with you, on my own blog and by visiting your blogs.

2010 has been an interesting year.  A year of mourning.  A year of celebrating.  And certainly a year of traveling.  One of the things I like about the roll-out of the new year is it means staying home for a while.  A month or two of winter hibernation before we take off like the snowbirds we are becoming.

So.  Goodbye 2010.  I am grateful for the many gifts and blessings that were bestowed upon me throughout the year.  One of those gifts/blessings is getting to know my fellow blogmates a little bit better as well as meeting some new folks and making new friends.  Thank you all for your visits and your comments.

I’ll see you all again in 2011.  In the meantime, have a safe, fun, and magical celebration tonight.

P.S.  I know I should be celebrating and writing a blog post about the first 100 days of my outdoor commitment but it’s been a very long day and I could use some sleep.  Perhaps tonight in my sleep I’ll dream up a creative way to celebrate it, and surprise you with something over the next few days.

Or perhaps I’ll simply dream and just keep meeting my daily commitment, letting each day surprise me.