86: Introducing…

(Bundled up for the cold.  Self portrait.)

…  Me.  🙂

I know.  Some of you already know me.  But there are some who may be visiting today who don’t know me or didn’t know me until today.  You see, I was honored to have been asked to do a guest blog post over at Kathy’s blog, Lake Superior Spirit.  If you’ve been a regular visitor to Life in the Bogs you might recognize Kathy as the person who inspired me to commit to stepping outside every single day for a whole year.

Now that we have an appreciable amount of snow and plenty of cold to go with it, I’m not sure if I should thank Kathy for inspiring me to such craziness or not.  I’m kidding.  Of course I am thankful to her.  Each day has been an adventure of some sort and I have now gotten to the point where I look forward to stepping outside, even in the cold.

Go on over to Kathy’s place and Meet Robin! While you’re there, look around.  Meet Kathy, too.   (Take your time.  I’ll wait.)

(Porter Furniture.)

Today’s self portrait was taken at Porter Furniture which is:

Unique is a great word for it.  M and I visited Porter Furniture on our last trip.  The man who owned it spent 65 years collecting all sorts of things and filling up this old cigar factory with the things he collected.  I’m sure he sold much of what he collected over the years which is, obviously, what kept him in business.  Mr. Porter has died and his sons are now trying to get rid of everything (4 floors worth of stuff) by the end of this month.

Porter Furniture is the interesting store I mentioned in this post.  If there isn’t one of everything ever made in that store, I’ll be amazed.  It was packed with all sorts of things from fire place mantels to trunks to wringer washing machines.

Oh, and this:

How cool is that??  There were actually two knights in the store, one guarding an exit door.  I’ll show him to you sometime this weekend.

There was no heat in the store, hence all the bundling up in the self portrait.  The lighting was interesting and I took a bunch of photos.  I’m still sorting through them and hope to bring you more soon.

Today’s walk

Today’s weather has been a mix of clouds, a little sunshine, and snow flurries.  They say the flurries won’t amount to much in terms of accumulation.  Maybe a quarter of an inch or so.  It’s another balmy, 26-degree day.

I did not take the camera with me today.  The snow was flurrying when I went out and it’s best to give the camera a break when it’s like that.  Plus I need to sort through the photos I’ve taken since the trip to San Diego, including some from San Diego.  That’s how far behind I’ve gotten.

There’s not much to say about today’s outdoor experience.  It’s cloudy.  It snowed.  The birds are loving the food I put out.

Life is good.  🙂