85: Soakin’ up the sun

(Looking towards the light.)

It is a balmy 20 degrees (F) outside today, with the occasional sunny spells.  After filling the bird feeder I decided to do something a little different.  A little lazy, maybe.

(Today’s view of the pond.)

I plopped down in the snow and did a little sun bathing in hopes of capturing some Vitamin D.  With so little skin showing (just my face), I don’t imagine I got very much but still… it felt good to feel the warmth and the light.

(Sunlight in the meadow.)

After sitting there for a while, all nice and quiet, the birds came by to eat so I watched them for about ten minutes or so before finally getting up and taking a little walk.

It was not the usual outdoor excursion but it was nice.  A mood lifter, without a doubt.  Sunlight is good for that.


24 Comments on “85: Soakin’ up the sun”

  1. photobyholly says:

    Ahhhhh – beautiful!! I can just feel the sun through the photos!! 🙂 I would have done the same thing, after multiple days of sub-zero wind chills, 20 degrees would feel like a heat wave!

  2. bearyweather says:

    Oh, I miss the sun so much .. thanks for sharing yours. I work (in a room without a window) during the few hours it is light here (which is only about 8 hours total, now) … can hardly wait for Christmas vacation just so I can see the sun again.

    • Robin says:

      Bearyweather: Poor you! I imagine that makes winter VERY long. Enjoy your Christmas vacation. The good news is that the days will be getting longer. 🙂

  3. It is hard for me to comprehend waking up and experiencing snow every day , even walking through it or playing in it and even sitting in it , surely you must feel the cold all day and night however I can only assume you are used to it and its a normal everyday event , keep warm and keep smiling my friend.
    Ian aka Emu

    • Robin says:

      Hi Ian!

      This kind of cold winter does take some getting used to. The main thing for me is to keep moving so I’ll stay warm. Getting outside and learning to play winter games (sledding, skiing, skating, etc.) helps. Otherwise it can get kind of depressing.

  4. Marianne says:

    Sunlight in the meadow is pretty. The snow really is a pretty sight when you don’t have to drive around in it.

    We are having warmer temps also, which I’m thankful for.

  5. Karma says:

    Oh I try to savor the winter sunlight when I get the chance too! But I do it through the sliding glass door in the kitchen.
    Did you make a snow angel? 😉

    • Robin says:

      I did, Karma. But I messed it up getting back up off the ground so it wasn’t worth photographing. I’ll try again on Sunday when my granddaughters are here for a visit. 😀

  6. You sure are a brave soul. Like everyone else, I dont know how you do it?! Your pictures of the pond and meadow are beautiful too.

  7. Kala says:

    My physician tells me getting sun is good for you – vitamin D and endorphins and all that. Good for you that you laid down and caught a few rays despite the snow & cold!

    • Robin says:

      It actually felt pretty warm, Kala. The snow can be insulating and help hold in heat. In fact, that’s why our pond has frozen yet. The snow is keeping it slushy.

  8. ladyfi says:

    Lovely photos! The winter sun is so uplifting!

  9. Anna says:

    I am amazed of all your snowy photos! So much snow! We haven’t received any snow and snow all around. Love the view of the snowy pond. 🙂

  10. penpusherpen says:

    Just going up and down the photo’s …trying to ‘catch’ the sun!! 😉
    glad you felt an uplift of mood. Me too, just gathered some snow…and……

    did I getcha? xPenx

  11. Norm says:

    Very nice pics Robin – Thankfully we’re past the earliest sunset of the season already. (Something to do with the tilt of the earth as opposed to the solstice) But we could do with a little more sunlight up here during the daytime – lots of threatening clouds lately and a few snowshowers.

  12. Marcie says:

    Beautiful winter scenes. Love the first one – the simplicity of the bare naked tree.

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