81: Sunday signage

(So it is… )

M and I are back in Sabbaticalville (West Chester, PA).  It’s been warm (in the 50’s) and raining all day.  Weather-wise, we’re doing well here.  It’s the ride home tomorrow that may cause some problems.  The Lake Erie snow machine is churning out the snow and we have apparently had somewhere between 8 and 12 inches of snow at home so far and it’s expected to continue until Tuesday.

(Snowflake doll.)

I’m still on track with my outdoor commitment.  M and I took a 30 minute hike in The Narrows of Pennsylvania on an unimproved hiking trail along the Juniata River.  It was cold with snow and ice on the ground so we didn’t get far.  We took our time in order to avoid slipping and falling.

(Today’s temperature.)

Today I hung out in my sister-in-law’s backyard, watching the birds at the feeders, listening to the rain and the wind.  I can’t believe how warm it was!  It felt nice but will make the cold a little harder to take when we get back to the frozen tundra that is the Bogs.

(A doll looking for a home.)

We paid a visit to an interesting store yesterday.  I’ll tell you more about it after I’m settled back at home.  I need to wrap this up, check my email, and then it’s off to bed.  The plan is to get an early start to our day tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll be able to make it home, but we’ll err on the side of caution and stop somewhere if we have to and continue home on Tuesday when, we hope, the weather will improve.