78: A walk in the meadow

(A walk in the meadow.)

I don’t have time to do much more than put up a few photos from today’s walk.  The house-sitter is coming tomorrow.  M and I are taking off for a quick trip east that is more business than pleasure.  Hopefully we won’t run into any snow in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

(Clouds over the meadow.)

Today was sunny and a little warmer than it has been.  The high was 26 degrees but it felt like 26 degrees.  In other words, there was no wind or wind chill factor.

So much to do and so little time.  If anyone out there has some spare time they’re not using, please feel free to send it me.  I could use it.  Thanks!

16 Comments on “78: A walk in the meadow”

  1. photobyholly says:

    Gorgeous!! I wish we had some clear blue sky like this – we haven’t seen the sun for more than a few minutes a day in probably a couple of weeks now! I can live vicariously through these until our sun returns….

  2. Karma says:

    I love that icicle shot! Great perspective!

  3. Bo Mackison says:

    Love that icicle. We’ve got them, too. I take great pleasure in throwing some of then in the hot tub — it’s our first winter season using it.

  4. Nickie says:

    Have a good, safe trip.

  5. Anna says:

    Oh, that is a beautiful dreamy meadow photo. What a perspective shot of an icicle! Whoa!

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip, Robin. 🙂

  6. Marcie says:

    What gorgeous winter scenes and images. Still waiting – here – for our first snow!

  7. bearyweather says:

    Once again … beautiful shots ….

  8. Marianne says:

    Robin, just noticed my blog on your blogroll. Thank you.

    It’s great that you can travel with your husband. Good going.

    • Robin says:

      You’re welcome, Marianne. 🙂

      I think that’s the reason my husband really hasn’t wanted me to go back to work. (I’m not sure I could — physically — go back to my old job, anyhow). He enjoys having the company when he travels. I enjoy it too, most of the time. But there are also times, like now, when I’m glad we’re going to be home for a weekend or two. 🙂

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