68: The speed of time

(Floating in Mission Bay.)

Every now and then time drifts by slowly, the day seeming to stretch out forever.  On other occasions, it speeds right on by and you wonder what happened to the day.

(Riding the wave.)

It can be difficult to keep your balance on busy days.  The waves of busy-ness can knock you over if you’re not paying attention.


I’m on my way out for my outdoor time.  I’ve had a lot to do today to make up for lazing around all weekend and the day has flown by.  I still have lots to do but need a break.  Being outdoors will slow things down a little, allow me to regain my balance.  It’s a nice day for a walk.  Sunny again.  And mild, with temps in the 50’s.

(Making a splash)

I’m posting now — before my walk — because I’m not sure I’ll have the time later.  The next week or so is going to be a little hectic, I think.  With one holiday just behind us and another coming up, I suspect time is going to speed right along at a merry pace.

I’m going to try to go with the flow and keep up as best I can.  Hopefully I’ll have some things to share with you tomorrow from my walk today.  I’m going to try adding an hour or two to my day by not being such a lazy slug in the mornings and getting up at a decent time.  Sleeping in has become a mini-habit of late.  I don’t regret it, but it is time to change that habit.  I like early mornings, and getting up a little earlier will give me more time for my yoga practice and morning meditation.  I don’t like to rush my way through those things.

Getting up a little earlier might also allow me more time for blogging.  Priorities, you know?  😉

14 Comments on “68: The speed of time”

  1. Wonderful sunlit shots, so refreshing midst the ice and snow!

  2. bearyweather says:

    As I sit here in very snowy northern Minnesota (18″ + 8″ + up to 6″ more tonight), I really appreciate your warm and sunny beach pictures. What ever those things are floating in the bay are very pretty.

  3. Kel says:

    your photo of the seaweed is great, showing the transparent and floatiness very nicely

  4. Bo Mackison says:

    That first photograph of the kelp brings back pleasant memories of beach walking. It’s a lovely shot, all those warming colors and you can almost see the movement.

    Yes, it is a busy time of year. I too am going to try for some balance between the hectic crazies and some meditative times. Love that you are continuing on your daily walks, and nice that the weather has warmed for you.

    Still no snow in the forecast? None here either — can;t believe we’re nearly through November and there hasn;t yet been a snowfall.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Bo. 🙂

      The daily walks will continue for another 295 days or so… my outdoor commitment is a big one.

      The snow finally arrived here today. It’s exciting for now, and a little refreshing after all those rainy days. Rain can be depressing. Snow, not so much. Until February.

  5. Great shots, Robin. I, too, like the first shot really well. Is this Mission Bay in San Diego? I think San Diego is such a beautiful city! Love these action shots!

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, PF4A. 🙂

      Yes, it is Mission Bay in San Diego. My husband and I were out there a few weeks ago. I agree with you about San Diego. It is a beautiful city. It’s much warmer than where I live, too!

  6. ladyfi says:

    Wonderful shots and a great reminder to take things easy and enjoy the simpler pleasures of life.

  7. Marianne says:

    I too, find that time disappears quickly. Now that it is dark earlier and bright later I tend to go to bed earlier and wake up later. I went to bed really early last night and tonight I’m up late. So much for routine in my life.

    Love the surfer dudes, Robin.

    • Robin says:

      I’m obsessed with surfer dudes, Marianne. lol! Not really. But I do love to watch them (dudes and dudettes). I was hoping to take some lessons this year but it didn’t work out. Maybe next time.

      I think routine tends to get all mixed up with the change of seasons. Add time changes into that and it gets all wonky.

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