56: Torrey Pines

(Christina’s tree.)

Today I met up with Christina.  Christina is one of those friends I met through blogging.  We got together the last time I visited San Diego (you can read about it here and see some photos here).  At that time Christina took me on a wonderful tour of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve.  When she asked what I would like to do this time I responded (without hesitation) that I would like to go to Torrey Pines again if she wouldn’t mind.  I wanted the chance to see the area again during a different season.  Although I could have gone on my own (or if M could fit it into his schedule, with him), going with Christina is a special treat because Torrey Pines is Her Place.  It is a place she loves and has taken the time to get to know which makes her a fun and knowledgeable guide.

(On the beach.)

Since this is my last day here and I want to get in some beach time, I’m going to put up some photos and hope to fill in any blanks later.  We walked on the beach and climbed to higher areas where there were wonderful views.  We saw Torrey Pines (the rarest pine in North America), a few birds (including a peregrine falcon and a hummingbird), and even the occasional flowers (although this is not the time of year for flowers).

As usual, the photos are all straight out of the camera and uploaded to Photobucket (which seems to take away some of the clarity, or maybe that’s just me).

(Peregrine falcon.)

(Flat Rock.)

(Rock formations.)

(Christina told me the name of this bird but I’ve forgotten already.)

(We climbed a few stairs.)

(The view was worth the climb.)

(Way worth it.  And the climb wasn’t that bad.)


(Another lovely view.)

(View through the pines.)

(The wrinkled tree.)

(View of the beach — where we started — from above.)

We had lunch after our hike at a Mexican restaurant where I ate some sort of cactus in a spicy tomato sauce.  Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Thank you so much, Christina, for another wonderful outing.  I can well understand why you love it here.  🙂