51: Here and there

(Morning fog at the back of the pond.)

I put these photos aside in case I didn’t have time to upload or post photos during our first few days in San Diego.  They were taken the morning of the frosted spider webs.  I thought about leaving them for another time but today seems like a good day as they are quite a contrast to this morning’s walk on the beach.

(Sunrise this morning on Oceanfront Walk.)

It hardly seems fair, though, to contrast the two since they are so different.  There is beauty to be found in the Bogs as well as here in southern California.

(The world looks almost black & white in the fog.)

Getting in my daily outdoor time here will be no problem.  I spend most of the day outdoors when at the beach, any beach.  It’s hard to believe I’m already more than 50 days into my outdoor commitment.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

(Sunrise pastels)

M and I were up very early this morning, having gone to bed very early last night.  We made it to about 8pm and then couldn’t stay awake anymore.  I was awake and ready to go at 4:30am.  I’m thinking I might as well stay pretty much on eastern time.  I like the early morning hours.  It’s a peaceful time of day.

(Lightly fogged woods.)

M and I took a walk together before he had to go to the conference he’s attending.  Once he left, I went out for another walk, getting in about 5 miles all together before 9:00am.  Pretty good mileage.

(Birds of a feather flocking together.)

One of my favorite things to do here is to watch the surfers.  Some of you may recall that I was going to take surf lessons this time around.  Unfortunately, I didn’t develop the appropriate strength and flexibility needed.

(Frosted meadow.)

I walked up to the Crystal Pier in PB (Pacific Beach) and watched the surfers from there.  It was a great morning for it.

(View from Crystal Pier this morning.)

As you can see, it was sunny and clear.  It was a little chillier than I was expecting, mostly because there is a good strong breeze blowing.

(Walking into the fog.)

I’m off to Seaport Village to do a little shopping.  Maybe.  Maybe I’ll just look around for a while.  I usually don’t buy much there.  I like to walk out by the water and look at the kites.  It’s a good day for kite flying.

M and I had lunch together and he’ll be going back to the conference for a few hours.  Then we’ll meet up for dinner.  I won’t be here at the beach for sunset but might catch it over there somewhere.

(Surfing into the sun.)