49: For the birds

(A pair of doves.)

I went on a cleaning frenzy yesterday, cleaning pretty much the entire house from top to bottom.  I don’t usually try to clean the whole house in one day but I’ve been slackmongering lately.  Maybe not so much slacking as occupying myself with activities other than housework.

(A black bird against a blue sky.)

The reason I needed to get the house whipped into shape is because our house-sitter will be settling in tonight.  M and I will be winging our way to southern California very early tomorrow morning.  The next time you hear from me, I’ll have had my freshly pedicured toes sunk in the sands of Mission Beach.

Today’s Walk:  Brrrr!

Holly over at Photo By Holly has been having a weekly Caption This challenge.  I am notoriously bad at captions, titles, and naming things.  I could exaggerate a little and tell you that I wanted to stretch myself by taking up the challenge but the fact of the matter is this week’s challenge, Brrrr!, is all too easy for me.


(Frost on the asparagus ferns.)

Because I have a lot to do today, I took my walk early.  It was frosty, foggy, and in the 20’s.  Brrrr!!  I had originally planned to go out for a few minutes and make up the rest of the time later in the day.  However, once I was out there, it was hard not to follow the fog, the frost, and what stood out most of all:  the spider webs.

Almost everything was draped in spider webs.  I suppose that’s true many days.  Spider webs can be difficult to see unless they’re covered in dew or, as was the case this morning, in frost and dew.  My best guess is that yesterday’s warm weather brought out the spiders who draped everything with their webs which were then caught in the frost.

I hope the spiders didn’t get caught in the frost, too.

Mother Nature is over a week late in decorating for Halloween but she sure did a fine job of it.

The edges of the pond were crusted with ice.  It’s the first time this season I’ve seen ice on the pond.  In another month or two, it will probably be frozen solid.  I’m sure M is hoping for that.  He loves to ice skate.

I’ll leave you with a few more shots from this morning while I get back to packing for our trip.  Don’t forget that you can see the larger versions of the photos by clicking on them.


(Oak tree and webs.)

(Frosty leaves with webs.)

(See what I mean about captioning things?)

12 Comments on “49: For the birds”

  1. photobyholly says:

    Wow! I have never seen a spiderweb covered in frost – pretty!! I purposely made this one easier, I think I stumped everyone last time!! 🙂 Very nice photos!!

  2. Bo Mackison says:

    What a huge finding of frosty spider webs. I’ve never seen them in such quantity. Their beauty really does make those early morning walks worth the effort.

    • Robin says:

      Extremely huge finding, Bo. I took way too many photos. These are just a few. It was something I’ve never seen before so I couldn’t resist “just one more shot.”

  3. These are all stunningly beautiful.. Especially the ones with the frost. Never really seen frost in real life, so it all seems out of the world. Nice captures…

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Visioplanet. 🙂

      Even though I am used to winter frost, it still seems out of this world to me at times. It’s an amazing sight, seeing the world sugar-coated with ice crystals.

  4. Marianne says:

    Robin, this is the first time I’ve seen frosted spider webs also. Great photos! I think the one with the (Brrrr!) caption looks like the leaves are outlined with diamonds. Very pretty!

  5. Karma says:

    Wow, frosted spider webs (heh, heh, kinda sounds like a kids’ cereal put out for Halloween) – that is really cool looking! I’m very jealous of your trip to CA! How nice to have toes in the warm sand. Both you and Kathy are so lucky to be off to sun-shiny states this week.

  6. bearyweather says:

    Lucky you …A sunny morning with frost has to be one of the best times to take pictures. If I would have a frosty morning like yours, I would be out with my camera too .. until it all melted away. Your spider webs are great.

    • Robin says:

      Bearyweather: I am just discovering that about sunny mornings and frost. Usually I resist going out until it’s warmed up a little. Or resist going out at all if it’s very cold. That’s one of the reasons I took on this year-long challenge after being inspired by Kathy. I am just beginning to realize how much I miss when I don’t step outside every day.

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