37: Misty and gray

(Morning mist.)

Come January, a day like today will feel warm and toasty.  But today?  It feels downright cold and blustery.  I’m spoiled by the mild weather and haven’t yet toughened up to the cold.

(Bare bones.)

This was one of those days when going outside, even for a brief period of time, was not appealing.  The morning was gray and misty.  The afternoon has been gray and windy.  I haven’t gone to look but I’ll bet the weather websites are now including the wind chill factor with the current temperature.  Lake-effect snow and sleet were mentioned for the first time this season in last night’s weather forecast.

(Today’s view of the pond from the garden area.)

The first five or ten minutes outside were rough.  Once my fingers, toes, and face were numb, it wasn’t so bad.  Getting out of the wind helped.  I headed straight for the back of the pond where there is a natural windbreak due to the trees of the woods.

Some of the trees near the creek still have their leaves.  It’ll be interesting to see how much longer they hold on, now that I’m paying attention to such things.

(Gold in the meadow.)

When I first went out I didn’t think I’d be taking many photos today.  The wind, the gray sky, and the cold all made it seem pretty drab.  I was wrong.  There is still plenty of color out there if you look for it.

(Pinks in the meadow.)

There is a lot of interesting fungi to be found, too.  I’ll post some of those photos soon.  I want to finish with the cemetery series first.

Speaking of which, here are today’s cemetery photos:

(Rice crypt.)

(In the greenery.)

That’s about it from the Bogs for today.  I’m headed upstairs to make some potato-leek soup.  It’s a hot soup kind of day.  Add a little freshly baked bread and a salad, and we’ll have the makings of a good dinner.