36: Gloves needed

(Today’s cemetery shot:  Fallen.)

Brrrrrr!  Today I went out and stood between the sun and the moon.  The sun was at my back while I faced the moon, my body a barrier between the warmth of the light and the chill of the gusty winds.  It was an interesting contradiction.

(Watery sunlight.)

I wore my new winter hat for the first time.  Note to self:  If a winter hat is required, gloves are needed as well.  My fingers were numb with cold by the time I finished my outdoor explorations.

(Wind in the willow.)

The really gusty winds have finally arrived.  The cold wind is huffing and puffing and threatening to blow a house down.  It has a low-pitched sound to it, deep and strong.  The trees are all creaking and swaying, the remaining leaves taking off in a long flight, riding the wind to the wherever it goes.

(Today’s view of the pond.)

Stepping outside almost took my breath away.  It’s been a while since we’ve had a day this chilly and winds this strong.  It is exhilarating, energizing, skin-tingling kind of weather.

(View from the side of the pond.)

Since my morning walk, lake-effect clouds have started moving in.  Showers will probably accompany the clouds.  A little colder and we’d have our first snow.

(Dark clouds and skeletal trees.)