35: Rain and wind, sun and moon

(Today’s cemetery shot.)

The storms moved through quickly last night.  It wasn’t as bad as predicted.  That has generally been the case for us this year.  We’ve been very lucky.  No major damage or power outages.

(Rowboat askew.)

(A slow walk on the meadow path.)

I have to move in slow motion today.  Perhaps it wasn’t the storm kicking up the pain after all.  The trick is to keep moving, even when I want to curl up in a ball and stay that way for a few days.  The prescription for healing is to take frequent walks, do some gentle yoga stretches, and take lots of deep, calming breaths.

(Submerged by the rain.)

There are fewer leaves on the trees this morning.  There were some branches down, large and small.  Only one small tree in the woods was blown over.

(Pinned by the wind.)

The birds were active and singing again this morning.  They must be happy that the rain has moved through and the wind isn’t nearly as bad as expected.  Yet.  We still have the back side of that low coming through eventually.  Looks like tomorrow will be windy and colder.

(Yesterday and Today.)

Today is more blue than brown.  You can see more sky through the trees now that the leaves aren’t hiding it.  You can also see the house in the woods behind the pond.  The man that built the house makes steel drums for a living.  In the summer months, when the leaves are thick, you would never know he and his wife are back there except for the occasional sound of their voices or the rare steel drum concert.  Being out on the pond has a tropical feel to it when the neighbor man provides the music.

(Moon through the branches.)

We’re supposed to get together with friends this evening.  I’m  not sure I’m up to it, but won’t make any decisions until later.  You never know if later will be better or not.