Easily spooked (22)

(Scary house in Coudersport, PA.)

It was rainy and chilly here this morning.  Dark and cloudy, too.  Not the kind of day you want to go wandering around outside.

(This morning’s view of the pond.)

There was a break in the rain and I thought I’d make like the goddess Nike and Just Do It, but then the skies really opened up and it poured before I could get out there.  That was a blessing.  Imagine if it had done that while I was wandering off towards the woods or something.

(Heavy rain.)

The thing is, I’m not feeling well at all today.  The cold symptoms have gotten worse, adding body aches and pains on top of the sore throat and the so-congested-it-feels-like-it-will-explode head.  There is no fever so I’ll stick with the cold diagnosis for now.  The not-feeling-well cherry on top is a terrible pain that I am pretty sure is due to eating a handful of cashews coated with honey and sesame seeds.  You see, I shouldn’t be eating those cashews.  I’ve experienced this pain before and it always coincides with the eating of the cashews.  Did I learn my lesson?  Hopefully so, this time around.

I had to have a conversation with myself about commitments and such.  The conversation didn’t last long.  I resigned myself to going out.  And the wind did me a favor by blowing away some of the cloud cover for a little while, allowing the sun to shine through.  I bundled up and headed out only to find myself frightened by something as soon as I opened the door.

(Scary boots.)

Yep, hip boots.  Or waders.  When I opened the door and saw the feet part of the boots, I thought someone was lying on the sidewalk.  Sort of.  It was quick, just enough to startle me before the boots registered with my brain as being 1) M’s boots, and 2) empty of any body.

Having determined that I was in fact okay and not suffering from a heart attack or other lingering effects from the scare, I slowly made my way out to the pond via the side of the yard where the standing stone stands.

Something amazing happened soon after:

My head didn’t clear but the skies did.  For a little while.  Long enough for me to walk around for about 40 minutes or so, enjoying the invigorating feel of the gusty wind.  There were still some lighter clouds rolling in and out, but the dark and gloomy variety moved east to haunt someone else.

I met a few other creatures along the way.

I think that is an American goldfinch wearing his winter plumage.  (If I’m wrong, please correct me.  I’m trying to learn what’s what and who’s who out there.)  Look how nicely he stands out against that lovely blue sky.

I also met a doe right here on the path going into the woods but we startled each other and she bounded off before I could even think about the camera.  If you have a good imagination, you should be able to see her just a few feet away right in the middle of the path.

The little gal or guy above accompanied me through the meadow, leading the way.  Moth or butterfly?  I’m not sure.  The body reminds me of a moth but the antennae look like those of a butterfly.

(In the clover.)

It was a good walk.  I came back with wet feet and a vastly improved mood.  Unfortunately, the other problems didn’t go away so now I think I’ll have a cuppa hot tea and then succumb to the nap that has been calling.