Sunday signage

(A Cinderella story?)

During our last evening in Grand Lake, Colorado, we were strolling along the boardwalk looking in the shop windows and checking out the restaurants when we came across this sign in one of the bar (pub) windows.  At least I think it was a bar.  I’m not entirely sure, but M agrees with me that it was probably a bar.

(Along the boardwalk in Grand Lake, Colorado.)

So now I’m wondering…  Did Jon find the woman?  Was she looking for Jon, too?  Were there any ugly stepsisters and evil stepmothers involved and creating obstacles for them?  Has true love brought them together?  Will they live happily ever after?

What do you think?

7 Comments on “Sunday signage”

  1. Karma says:

    Cute shoes! I hope Jon found the woman!

  2. Kel says:

    robin this is the most amazing photo which holds so many possible storylines
    a song, a movie script, a novel
    deliciously evocative

  3. Nickie says:

    This is funny! I hope they found each other. You could write a really good short story based on this.

  4. […] click on the picture for a larger view.  I particularly like this one because, like the shoes in my last Sunday Signage post, it seems to tell a story, although what that story may be is up to the viewer.  It’s a new […]

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