The toad

I’m busy canning tomatoes, pickling peppers, and all sorts of other harvest-related activities.  So I thought I’d let this little guy who recently showed up on our new patio hold some space here for me until I can get back to regular blogging.

In the world of animal totems, toads are said to represent enchantment, luck, longevity, and blessings.  That seems a lot for this little guy, but he did enchant me with his beautiful color and I feel lucky as well as blessed to have seen him.

I guess that isn’t too much for a little guy after all.

It is also said that if a frog or toad shows up in your life, change or a metamorphosis is about to take place and it may be time to take a leap onto a new life path.  Today I am taking a leap and starting out on a new/old path that may well bring change to my life.

But you’ll have to wait to hear about it as I want some time to learn before I start to write.

I have seen a lot of toads throughout the summer, in the garden and around the new patio.  More than usual.  It seems they might have been trying to tell me something.  All I had to do was pay attention.


17 Comments on “The toad”

  1. Linda says:

    I love toads, frogs and the likes. They are so great. We used to have lots of them around the house and then they all went away. Maybe its the water shortage or the mosquito spraying – but in any event, I miss them.

  2. Kala says:

    What an adorable creature. We hike along a trail where there are tiny toads and I sometimes pick them up and put them in my palm and say “hello”

  3. jenna says:

    Look at dem cute little toes.

    If they’re all princes, M better look out.

  4. Chris says:

    Kiss me, you fool!!!!

  5. Kel says:

    how exciting Robin, leaping into a new/old path

  6. He’s a much prettier toad than the ones we get here. Ours are “cane toads” and extremely ugly (and poisonous).

    Your new/old path sounds intruiging, Robin. Hope we hear more about it in the future.

    How’s the patio project going?

    • Robin says:

      Joanne: We have some ugly toads here too. I’ve never seen one the color of this guy before.

      The patio is almost finished. It needs a little landscaping done before I take more pictures of it. Some rain would be nice, too, to water what little we have done out there in the way of plantings. We haven’t had much rain this month and everything is looking brown and/or droopy.

  7. Kathy says:

    I think we have been on the same page re amphibians! Did you see my frog blog? ha ha, rhymes. I like your interpretation about what toads mean. You and I shall be hopping onto new paths. That sounds right on!

    • Robin says:

      Kathy: I did see your frog blog. Your rhyme might go well with my Bogs blog rhyme. lol! I must have read it on one of those days when I wasn’t able to take the time to comment so I’ll comment now: I enjoyed it very much. 😀

  8. Anna says:

    Now, that is a cute toad! The toads in our yard get messed with by two of our dogs. I have to rescue the toads and put them outside the fence. I like toads but I don’t care for the dogs to mess with them because of the toxins. I have to say, though, I have come across and rescued a fair number of toads lately and “metamorphosis is about to take place and it may be time to take a leap onto a new life path” has certainly been true. Leaping forward!

    • Robin says:

      Anna: Poor toads! I know it’s natural for the dogs to mess around with them (we’ve had cats do the same). The toads are lucky to have you around to rescue them.

      Glad to hear you are leaping forward to. 😀

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