Change is in the air

(Garden spider and her web.)

I went out for a short walk on Sunday just to see what’s happening around the pond these days.  The goldenrod is blooming, leaves are starting to detach from the willow trees and fly with the wind, and the birds are beginning to gather together in great flocks.

Our late-blooming sunflowers are opening.  A pair of doves living in the spruce tree near the sunflowers are teaching their young one to fly so it can leave the nest and go out on its own.

There are butterflies dancing all over the place, moving from flower to flower and color to color on their way to wherever the butterflies go when they migrate.

The days are still warm but you can feel the change in the air, the coming of autumn.  Nights are getting a little cooler.  The canning and freezing season is in full force now, Mother Nature providing us with the bounty to get through another winter.

In other news…

I am breathing new life back into Bountiful Healing (my other blog).  In Choosing a sunflower I explain some of my reasons why.  Please join me over there from time to time.  And don’t be surprised if I eventually go back to BH as my primary blog.

6 Comments on “Change is in the air”

  1. Karma says:

    It is true, you can feel the change in the air – and I can’t help but feel a bit melancholy. I love summer, and have always had a hard time with the change to fall, despite how beautiful it is.
    I love your swallowtails on sunflowers! I’ve never had luck with sunflowers in my yard. 😦

    • Robin says:

      We had some trouble with our sunflowers this year, Karma. The rabbits ate the first bunch we planted. The slugs ate the second round. We finally had to spray them to keep both rabbits and slugs away.

      Fall and spring are my favorite seasons. Fall more than spring, I think. Summers are often too hot for me. Sometimes I think I should be living near the Arctic Circle or something. lol!

  2. Meredith says:

    I love those butterfly pictures – you can actually see their curly things (antennae?). We had a rainy day here the other day and it reminded that fall is almost here, but I have to say I’m pretty psyched because fall is hands down my favorite season. For right now. Who knows, maybe I’ll do some more canning this weekend…

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Meredith. 🙂 Yes, I think they are antennae. Or it could be the proboscis.

      Got anything in particular in mind for canning? I’ll be doing tomatoes this weekend. Good times.

  3. Anna says:

    Hey, I love your capture of the garden spider! I really like the garden spider. Beautiful butterflies!

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