Grand Lake and beyond

We had a grand time in Grand Lake.  I have three days worth of fun and adventure to tell you about but no time to do it.  I’ll have to catch up with this part of the trip when I get home (or on a rainy day during the remainder of the trip).

Rocky Mountain National Park and Trail Ridge Road are as beautiful as I remember.  There do seem to be more trees impacted by the bark beetles that have been killing off conifer trees.  A woman we gave a ride to (her truck broke down not too far from Estes Park) mentioned that they need the temperature to drop to -20 degrees for 10 hours in order for Mother Nature to stop the beetles.  It doesn’t seem likely to happen.

The first photo is of Grand Lake.  The second is a baby elk we saw in the woods near Trail Ridge Road.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to stop by and comment during my auto-posts.  Hopefully there will be more trip-related posts over the next week, time and energy permitting.

Today we’re spending the day with M the Younger and Mere in the Colorado Springs area.  I’m not sure what we’ll be doing but you can bet it will involve hiking and a lot of picture taking.