Green in the garden: Tomatoes

Our garden is doing well, a fact that amazes me when you consider how often I have not been out to weed of late.  I think I spent a grand total of 40 minutes out there last week.  M has put in more time, but he’s also been busy finishing up Project Patio.  I’ll have some new pics of that to show you soon.

Seeing the green tomatoes in collage format has me suddenly craving some fried green tomatoes.  Perhaps I’ll make some when we get home.  They always remind me of Mom.

(This was another in a series of pre-scheduled posts.)

4 Comments on “Green in the garden: Tomatoes”

  1. Bo Mackison says:

    I just took photos of MY green tomatoes a few minutes ago. Yours are a bit ahead, and a lovely shade of green, though my one cherry tomato plant must have 200 blossoms. Prolific little thing! 🙂

  2. We had tomato plants popping up like weeds last summer, all producing kilo after kilo of fruit. Just beautiful.

    • Robin says:

      Joanne: I had a similar experience with tomatoes a few years ago. We call them “volunteers” when they pop up on their own. When I first planted my asparagus bed I used plenty of compost from our compost pile and in it were loads of seeds from canning tomatoes the previous year. The compost must not have gotten hot enough to kill the seeds so I ended up with volunteers coming up all over the place in the asparagus bed. They were too nice to pull so I let them grow and we harvested lots of tomatoes that year.

      Now that I think about it, our volunteers did better than any we have planted.

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