Park Bench

Park Bench

This photo was taken at the Austin Dam Memorial Park.  I like the perspective.  The tree, which really wasn’t very big, looks big because of the angle while the wall of the dam, which was huge, looks small.  And the park bench looks tiny in comparison to everything else.  This one looks better in the larger version so be sure to click on it to take it all in.

Here is a different perspective on the bench:

Life is going to be keeping me busy for a while.  I got a call this morning that the broccoli at Hilgert’s Farm has been picked and that means blanching and freezing 17 lbs. of the lovely stuff.  I’m pretty certain Hilgert’s has the best broccoli on earth, especially when it is freshly picked.

Once the broccoli is in, it’s one thing after another from now until November.  I just hope I have the freezer space for all the things I plan to freeze.  The beans I did a few weeks ago are taking up lots of room.

2 Comments on “Park Bench”

  1. Your photos today are just like life; it all depends of what perspective we look at things from, as to whether we see them as large or small, especially so with problems.

    I do wish we had the likes of a “Hilgert’s Farm” nearby to us. We eat broccoli just about every day.

    I’ve read a bit about people in the USA canning fresh vegetables at home. Do you can any of your produce from Hilgert’s? It’s not something you hear about here in Oz, apart from at the big canning factories, of course.

    • Robin says:

      Joanne: I do can some of the vegetables. Mostly tomatoes. Sometimes I make salsa and can that. I also pickle hot peppers (jalapenos and cherry peppers) and can those, too.

      Some vegetables (such as broccoli and beans) are better frozen. Less flavor and nutritional value is lost that way.

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