The universe is constantly talking to you and showing you things.  When something happens, stop, watch, and remember.  Ask yourself, ‘What does this mean?’  The fact that you are coincidentally there at that precise moment in eternity to witness what’s happening means that it’s yours.  It’s the external world talking to you.  It is showing you things about yourself.

The seeming external world is, in fact, internal — and it’s talking to you.  It loves you in its detached way.

~ Stuart Wilde

The photo above doesn’t look much like a photo anymore.  It is (obviously) heavily Photoshopped.  While in Kent on Saturday I took a photo of some small flowers that I thought were quite beautiful.  The colors are what struck me most.  The photo turned out to be blurry.  I was reluctant to delete it, to let it go, because I still liked the colors.  I played with it for a while and came up with something a little more abstract than the original.  The colors are not as dramatic, but they are still there, in memory if not in photo.

Here is the original, uncensored version:

It reminds of what things look like without my glasses.  All blur and color, light and shadows and shapes, distinguishable in what they are but not in the details of what makes them what they are.