Rainy Friday

It rained today, a good soaking rain.  We needed it.  The Rain Maiden hasn’t been round much since somewhere around the end of June.  I did my little rain dance this morning in hopes that it wouldn’t miss us this time.  I don’t mind depriving the weeds of water but everything else (veggies, trees, flowers) suffers too.

I am grateful for the rain and enjoyed watching it come down to water the earth.  The birds seemed grateful for it too.  They were out there playing in the puddles and swooping around in what looked to me like pure joy.

I had a busy day, getting ready for the weekend.  Our granddaughters and their parents are coming for a visit.  They should be arriving later tonight.  M and our oldest son will be building a floating dock to put in the pond.  I’m just going to hang out with the girls (unless the guys need me to help out with something).

For some reason Mom was on my mind today so as I went about my chores, I talked with her.  I figure if she can hear me, maybe she can help me out with a few things.  And if not, well, she’s still in my heart and it’s nice to visit with her there.

8 Comments on “Rainy Friday”

  1. Joanne says:

    Your rain dance worked! I love rainy days, when I can stay indoors and keep warm. We’ve had a lot of those days this week.

    I still talk to my mum, and my dad. Mum’s been gone for nearly seventeen years now. I believe they can hear every word we say, so keep your heart open, watch for the signs (don’t brush them of as “coincidences!) and she will give you the advise you need. My mum does. 🙂

    Have an amazing weekend!

  2. Dave Q, UK says:

    what a refreshing capture, i seldom see these kind of photos. great work.

  3. Anna says:

    Lovely rainy photo of pond and boat. 🙂

  4. Jen Uy says:

    so blissful…very well captured. i’ve always dreamt of going on a boat ride while it’s raining.

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