Tall Ships

Yesterday afternoon M and I decided to brave the three H’s of summer (heat, humidity, and haze) and go up to Edgewater Park in Cleveland to watch the tall ships come in.  It was a blistering afternoon with full and brutal sun shining down on us, but it was worth the discomfort to see the ships appear on the Lake Erie horizon.

I took a lot of photos but the haze, the brightness, and the distance were not optimal conditions.  None of my photos of the ships are good quality pictures.  I’m posting them so you can get some idea of how beautiful the ships are.

The haze did give the ships a ghost-like quality as they sat about 2 miles out, waiting to come in to port.

This guy was there with another couple.  I’m not sure but I think it might be a Jesus doll.  I didn’t realize they make Jesus dolls.

There were a lot of people out there, in and out of the water, waiting and watching and admiring the ships.