Pond Reflections

M and I took a row around the pond yesterday evening, enjoying the quiet just before and after sunset.  For once the neighbors weren’t mowing or chainsawing or target shooting.  The guys up the road who put together smashed up cars for the demolition derby weren’t revving their engines.  The only sounds out there were the birds settling in for the night, the oars dipping in the water, and the occasional murmer of our voices.

Taking photos of the reflections in the water made me see the world in a different way.  Upside down, for sure.  Sometimes the ripples would give the reflection a painted effect.  That led me to playing with some of the photos in Photoshop.  (The two photos above were not ‘shopped.  All of those below were, adding a painting-like effect to them — either “dry brush” or “palette knife.”)

The joy of all mysteries is the certainty which comes from their contemplation, that there are many doors yet for the soul to open on her upward and inward way.

~ Arthur Christopher Benson

(The house at sunset.)

(The neighbor’s house across the road at sunset.)

(Squiggles and ripples)

(Catching sunlight in the trees)

10 Comments on “Pond Reflections”

  1. Joanne says:

    How unusual! You are extremely creative with your camera and the colours are just gorgeous!

    Great to hear that you and M have had some quiet time together. 🙂

  2. Kel says:

    sounds like you know your way around photoshop Robin
    I only ever use it at work to prepare images for print – but only the basics of size, format and dpi – never knew there was a ripple effect . . . if i ever get time at work i’ll have to check it out

    we were going on another canoe adventure today but mr x got called into work – on his holidays, in which he is sick!!?!!?!

    • Robin says:

      Kel: I know enough about Photoshop to be dangerous (“a little knowledge…”). Mostly I use it to sharpen a photo, or adjust the contrast. In this case I used it to give the photos a painted-effect. The pond provided the ripples and squiggles (although there is a ripple effect somewhere in Ps, I think).

      Poor Mr. X. And poor you, missing out on the canoe adventure. That’s not nice of work to call him like that.

  3. Bo Mackison says:

    Nothing better than to have FUN playing with your photos. I love all the squiggles, too, and hope I never see the post processing as all work , that I can keep the fun in it.

  4. Dave Q, UK says:

    you are very creative with your shots.

  5. Anna says:

    Lovely and creative series of reflections! I’ve been into reflections of late.

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