Amazing skies

Doesn’t that scene make you want to lie down in the green, green grass and stare up at the sky?

We continue to have the most amazing skies as the summer progresses here in the Bogs of northeast Ohio.  Yesterday was a “Simpson’s cloud” kind of day where the clouds would roll in with lots of blue space in between.  Kind of reminds me of this song (even if I’m not in Arizona).

It was a gardening kind of day yesterday.  I’d show you a picture of my veggie garden but I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to tell the veggies from the weeds.  It is that bad.  I’ll be out there again today, after I put in some time on Project Patio.  Today’s job is to shovel dirt.

(Afternoon reflections.)

The heat will be moving back in today.  The humidity will join the heat tomorrow.

(Evening reflections.)

To see beautiful skies from around the world, click on the badge below.  And enjoy.  🙂