Small worlds

(Peering into the wildflower meadow.)

Yesterday was hot and sticky with the occasional storm moving through as the cold front advanced on us.  It wasn’t a total washout.  In between getting caught up with the blog, the blogosphere, and homecaring chores, I went out to see what was happening around the pond.

If you look carefully, there is a whole ‘nother world out there inhabited by small creatures.

(Honeybee and thistle.)

I spent a little time down by the pond, playing around with trying to capture some of the dragonflies as they hovered above the water.  It was not a great success.  Next time I’ll take a chair with me as squatting is not a stable position for me, resulting in blurry pictures.  The dragonfly pictured above was perched on the blade of grass.

The sunset captured me again.  Just prior to that I went out to see what I could do with some of the manual settings on the camera.  It’s about time I learn how they work.  I was aiming for the star effect that is sometimes possible with the right light and settings.  It was too bright but I did get a star-like effect on the reflection of the sun in the pond.  It almost looks like the sun fell into the water.

It was another colorful and changeable sunset, going from golden to red.  And we all know what they say about red at night.

Today is lovely now that the clouds are beginning to part.  It’s cooler and much drier than it has been.  Good gardening weather.  M was out in the garden yesterday evening and he said the weeds are thriving.  We get a good crop of weeds every year.  I’ve been wanting to keep the garden all-organic but there are occasions when I think about using a weed-killer to do the weeding for me.  I wouldn’t get as much exercise and fresh air that way, though, so I guess I’ll stick to hand-weeding for now.  Hopefully some of the other measures I took (using a fabric barrier between the rows of asparagus, for instance) will help.

13 Comments on “Small worlds”

  1. jenna says:

    You mean your body is not a camera tripod???

    I don’t know what they say about red at night. What do they say?

    I love bugs. The bff and I had a long chat about the bugs we love best yesterday (yes, we’re weird). It’s too bad that for most people, they’re just pests.

    • Robin says:

      Jenna: My body is a very poor camera tripod.

      I like bugs too with a few exceptions: anything slimy and earwigs. Earwigs creep me out. It is now earwig season here in the Bogs and the creepy things are everywhere. I opened the door to the porch yesterday evening and two of them fell on my head. It was an episode of Night Gallery that made earwigs creepy for me:

      I agree about cockroaches. They should live outside. Spiders are cool.

  2. jenna says:

    Except I maybe don’t love the cockroaches in the house. I respect them, and I don’t wish them ill, but I want them to go outside. Spiders and I get along swimmingly though, indoors and out. (Except maybe the fat hairy ones if they’re on a bedroom wall because I worry about them crawling down my esophagus in my sleep.)

  3. Spiderdama says:

    Wonderful skies and so great colors.
    Wish you a nice evening:-)

  4. Joanne says:

    Jenna, I think Robin is referring to the rhyme, “Red sky at night is sailor’s delight, Red sky in the morning is sailor’s warning”. And it’s true! Watch the sky and take note.

    Robin, beautiful photos again. I love the star effect on the pond, as you say, as if the sun has fallen into the pond! We had a beautiful winter sunset here last night. I took some photos and plan on posting the best one on my blog today. 🙂

  5. Joanne says:

    Oh, and if you ever find an organic weed killer, please share! The weeds drive me crazy here in summer too. I “organically” hand remove weeds, one by one also.

  6. Anna says:

    Beautiful sunset sky colors! That is a way neat looking insect, whatever it is, in the first photograph. Weed? Ehh! I plucked and hoed weeds in my garden this morning and so appreciated the cool low humidity air.

  7. Kala says:

    I love the shot of the sun falling in the water – nice flare!

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