Is it just me or does soccer (as we call it here in the U.S.; football to the rest of the world) seem even more exciting when the announcers are speaking in Spanish?  As some of my regular visitors may recall, M and I do not subscribe to cable television services.  Cable internet, yes.  Cable television, no.  We don’t watch enough television to make it worth our while or money.  Having cable might get us into the bad habit of watching enough (or too much).  The bonus to not having cable is that when there is a high-profile sporting event that M wants to watch, we go out and watch it in a local bar or pub with a bunch of other people (usually strangers) which makes it much more fun.

The only sporting event that I follow is the World Cup.  We don’t need cable television service for that as we can pick up Univision over the air.  I do not speak Spanish or understand more than a few words here and there.  Every four years I keep thinking some of the language might sink in as I watch the football/soccer games on Univision.  So far, no luck.  That makes it a little difficult when calls are made and I can’t understand what the announcer is saying.  That happened to me yesterday while watching Slovenia vs. USA and they didn’t count one of the goals.  I had to get online when the game ended and look it up.  But it always sounds so exciting compared to the American and British announcers on ESPN (who sometimes sound as though they’re watching golf instead of soccer/football).  And when the announcer yells GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!! it’s pretty darn amazing.  That guy must have an incredible set of lungs.

The plan for today, if all goes well, is to go strawberry picking at Hilgert’s this afternoon and then it’s off to Blossom for A Prairie Home Companion with friends.  We’ll be picnicking and sitting on the lawn this year.  No VIP tickets as we did in 2008.  That’s okay.  I like sitting on the lawn.  It’s live radio.  I don’t need to see what’s going on (although it was fascinating to be able to watch it from front row seats and I’m glad I got the chance to do so).

(Thursday’s moon)