Learning process

(Cleveland Botanical Garden)

My goal for today is to sit down and learn something new.  The something new I want to learn involves my website which a good friend has kindly redesigned for me.  The redesign was done last year but has not been implemented yet because I need to learn how it works so I can update it (all on my own) as needed/wanted.  After my mother’s death I couldn’t get my brain to function well enough to follow the well-written instructions I was given.

Depression and sadness are funny things.  Not funny ha-ha, of course.  Funny weird.  It’s hard to know you’re depressed or terribly sad while you are right in the midst of it.  Over the past few weeks I’ve begun to feel ready for something new, to jump in and learn.  That is when I realized the sadness that is part of the grieving process was finally lifting.  I still get sad but it isn’t a constant in my life anymore.

I am excited about it.  I have been planning and thinking about setting some goals for myself.  Those are all good signs, but they need some action behind them so I’d better get to it.

I’ll let you know how it all works out.