A sampling of sunsets

(At sunset on Sunday.)

This past week has been a week of sun and rain, rain and sun, and more sun and rain.  Front after front has moved through, filling and refilling the trench for the patio wall with rainwater and mud.  Poor M has spent almost as much time bailing and siphoning out the trench as he spent digging it.

(Sunset on Tuesday.)

The heat has been building up during the day with the storms arriving late in the afternoon and at sunset.  We’ve had some incredible sunsets as a result of all the clouds and turmoil.

We even had a tornado warning on Wednesday afternoon.  I don’t know if a funnel cloud was spotted or not but do know one of the local weather guys was going on and on about the rotation on the radar and zooming in on our area all the while warning us to seek shelter now.  I have no problem seeking shelter.  I experienced a tornado on an up close and personal basis and have no desire to repeat that experience.

Some of the clouds overhead during that storm reminded me more of hurricane type clouds than the usual thunderstorm clouds.  I took a few shots of the churning, rotating clouds but they didn’t come out well.  It’s difficult to tell what you’re looking at.  If you look near the bottom left of the photo with the tree, you might get some idea of what I mean.

(Wednesday’s sunset.)

I’m glad I finished the Look Up theme as I did promise not to show a month of clouds.  Not that it matters.  This is only a few days of clouds.

(A hole in the clouds just before sunset on Thursday.)

The new camera takes bigger pictures than my old one.  That means they take up more space on the computer.  That also means I have to learn to be more discriminating in terms of what I keep and even, some days, in what I shoot.  I don’t have unlimited room on my hard drives.  In a way, this is a good thing because I’m learning to slow down and think about the picture I am seeing as well as the picture I am taking.

(The sky on fire at sunset on Thursday.)

I keep telling myself I will not take another sunset photo this week.  However, they have been so dramatic and colorful that it’s been impossible for me to resist.

I wonder if that means I need to seek some sort of help for my addiction to photographing sunsets.  Probably not.  There are worse habits and addictions, and photographing the sunset keeps me out of trouble.

Click on the photos to see the larger version (if there is a larger version).

To see beautiful skies from around the world, please visit SkyWatch Friday by clicking on the badge below.

6 Comments on “A sampling of sunsets”

  1. Kala says:

    They are all lovely, and no matter how many we may see, no two are alike. 🙂

  2. Willa says:

    what an amazing capture!!!

  3. Preston says:

    I keep thinking of the movie “On Golden Pond”. What a lovely site!!!

  4. Anna says:

    You sure do get so many different ‘looks’ on your pond! The first image is beautiful!

  5. Robin says:

    Thank you Willa, Preston, and Anna. 🙂

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