Look Up: Geese at sunset

The colors may seem unnatural but it’s the way the camera picked them up when I took these photos on Saturday at sunset.  I used Photoshop to blur out the noise (the geese were already blurry from my unsteady hands).  I did not change the colors.

Here is a fuller view of the sky with the added bonus of the reflection in the pond:

Beautiful, isn’t it?  And a lovely way to end the Look Up theme.

In other news…

M and I spent yesterday morning mixing and pouring concrete.  Fun stuff.  Heh.  Messy too.  I had plenty of it in my hair (and pretty much all over the front of me) by the time we finished.

(The mixer.)

I’m thankful that we didn’t have to do the actual mixing.  M decided to invest in a mixer since we have future concreting projects planned.  It seemed worth the investment when we considered the cost of renting one.

(Mostly empty bags.)

80 lbs. of concrete is hard to lift.  M and I worked together getting that stuff up and into the mixer.  It’s too bad they don’t make some sort of lifter to go with the mixer.

(The trench with the freshly poured concrete foundation.)

The concrete has to cure for 72 hours.  After that the real fun begins.  M will start building the wall.  I think he’s looking forward to it.

Garden notes: Still harvesting asparagus at a pretty good clip.  Shared some with friends today.

M planted tomatoes and corn yesterday.  The peppers I started from seeds are still too small to plant.  They must be very slow growers.  Had to reseed the sunflowers as the rabbits ate the tender young plants during the first round.

Peonies and daisies are blooming.

Finally got some much needed rain today.  More expected tonight, possibly tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll get enough to raise the pond level a bit.