Look Up: Philadelphia and other travels

(Looking up on Market Street in Philadelphia.)

In the email announcing the theme for May NaBloPoMo blogging was the following statement:

Photo bloggers will find it’s a flexible theme as well (or just a good excuse to post 31 days of cloud photos).

I promise not to post 31 days of cloud photos.  I can’t promise to keep the clouds out of my photos but will try not to make them the focus.  What I can’t promise are good entry titles and captions.  I seem to be hopeless at both and that hopelessness also extends to pseudonyms to be used on my blog and subject lines in emails.

Today’s “Look Up” themed photo was taken on our last trip east when we spent a couple of days in Philadelphia.  Although I had originally planned to spend my day alone in Philly by walking around taking photos, I wasn’t feeling photographically inclined that day.  I walked for about an hour and half-heartedly snapped a few shots.

M and I went south this weekend to get our granddaughter fix.  It was great seeing the girls and their parents.  I took a bizillion photos, none of which are uploaded yet because my batteries are all dead and I have to wait until I get one charged (the batteries don’t charge while the camera is plugged into the computer, alas).  The girls seem to grow by leaps and bounds in between visits and are, as always, the most beautiful girls on the planet (in the universe, even!).  I’m already looking forward to our next visit with them as I savor this one just past.  Lest their parents seem slighted, it was great to see them too.  I am thrilled that we’ll be seeing them all again (along with our younger son and his wife) very soon.