Let the fun begin

First things first:  Maddy — our youngest granddaughter — is one year old today.  Happy Birthday, Maddy!

We were thinking of going to see her this weekend (the plan being to go down there today) but Maddy is going on a birthday trip with her sister and parents this weekend so we’re going to shoot for next weekend.

I’ve been hanging around the house today waiting for a delivery of items needed for M’s latest project.  The delivery consists of gravel, concrete, mortar, sand, stones, bricks, and flagstones.  The stones are for me to use in the garden.  The rest will be made into walls and a patio.    Since they can’t dump the stuff where we need it, M and I will be getting our weight workouts by moving it around to the back over the next week or two.

Good times.  🙂

Garden notes:  Planted a row of spinach today.  No asparagus ready to be harvested.

2 Comments on “Let the fun begin”

  1. anhinga says:

    Wish you could bottle your energy and sell it. 🙂

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