The Experience

The photo is not related to this post.  Just sharing a little more orchid love.

Last night M and I met with friends in Akron for dinner and a concert.  The company was great and the food was delicious.  We dined at The Lockview where, regular readers might remember, they specialize in making a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches.

As for the concert, we went to the Akron Civic Theater (almost just across the street from The Lockview) for Experience Hendrix, a tribute to Jimi Hendrix.  The performers were, as expected, all male and the audience was, as expected (by me) predominantly male.  One of the highlights of my evening was a trip to the loo where I noticed the line for the Men’s room was extremely long (out the door and down the hall) whereas there was NO line at the Women’s.  Now that’s something I have never seen before!

I don’t want to write too much about the concert as it will make me sound like a cranky old woman.  It was ok (she says with a shrug).  It’s not really my sort of thing.  The main reason I went was because I thought M would enjoy it.  M the Younger and M the Elder used to go to these sort of concerts together.  Now that M the Younger has moved out and off on his own, M the Elder needs a new partner and I volunteered.

I will say/write that I like Hendrix.  The main problem I had with the concert was that it was so loud the music was almost unrecognizable.  I realize there must be people who like that sort of thing.  Most of the comments I heard from people (guys) as we were leaving was, “Great concert!”  So, you know, I’m probably not the best person to be reviewing this.

In other news…

Barney is still with us and still not thriving outdoors or becoming any friendlier.  My ad resulted in several inquiries and I’m hoping one of the people who emailed me will be willing to attempt a rescue.  If not, we will be taking Barney to the pound.  It seems the most humane thing to do since we are not going to be able to tame it and bring it in to our home.  Taking Barney to the pound is not our first choice and it is not a decision we’ve made easily or lightly.  We’re still hoping for a better outcome.

One more orchid before I go…