Winter sunset

(Yesterday’s sunset.)

Goodbye, Winter…

Hello Spring!  😀

M and I have been working in the garden today.  I’ve been finishing the cleaning up of the asparagus bed while M moves the fence out to expand the garden.  We’re hoping this will be a good year for gardening.

We also started some seeds indoors.  A variety of sunflowers, mostly.  I’ll be starting the peppers soon.  I bought seeds for orange and yellow peppers.  The rest of the seeds I have will go straight into the ground as soon as it’s dry enough to till/plow the garden.  This year I’ll be growing red and green lettuces, romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, and a few different varieties of tomatoes.  I’d like to grow some heirloom tomatoes.  (Note to self:  Remember to look into that!)

There’s no sign of the asparagus popping up yet.  I usually miss the first few spears because they tend to blend in with their surroundings.

I’d better get back out there.  I came in for a short break.  My weary body needed a rest.  I’d forgotten how physically demanding gardening can be.  Just think of all those calories burned…