Signs of spring

(This afternoon’s view of the pond.)

We’re having a gorgeous day here in the Bogs.  It is so nice I put down the spring cleaning gear and went out for a walk around the pond and up to the garden.

The ground is muddy and mushy (boggy) with plenty of water streaming into the pond and keeping the water level higher than usual.  I saw a couple of frogs, a turtle, and lots of fish.  I was on the lookout for snakes hanging around on the sunny side of the pond but didn’t see any.  I heard a red-wing blackbird (a sure sign of spring in this area).  Didn’t see him or her, though.  There are bluebirds flitting around and robins pulling up worms from the ground.

And the flamingos are finally free of the snow they’ve been trapped in for most of the winter.  😉

The daffodils and tulips are shooting up green leaves and the crocuses are blooming full force.

The garden is still looks pretty mushy so I didn’t go in.  It’s supposed to stay sunny and nice over the next few days.  Hopefully things will dry up enough that I can get in there and work on the asparagus.

In other news…

We are trying to figure out what to do about Barney.  She (since M has decided — without proof — that Barney is a she) is still hanging around, eating the food and drinking the water we put out.  But she won’t come anywhere near us.  We will probably have to trap her (we have one of those “have a heart” traps that don’t cause injury).  The problem at that point will be:  What do we do with Barney?

I’m not sure we’ll be able to tame her which leaves out finding her a home.  Our local Animal Protective League is full up with no room for additional cats.  Judging from the looks of her, she’s not doing well outdoors.  She was obviously in a scrap of some kind.  She has a gash on her left side but I can’t get close enough to see how bad it is.  I think it may be just a scratch with a big chunk of fur missing.  Whatever the case, leaving her outside as a barn cat might not be the best thing to do.

That leaves this:

While it cannot be said that the ASPCA is “for” euthanasia, it recognizes the inevitable necessity for euthanasia in certain circumstances. In many areas of the country there are more pets than there are appropriate homes. The ASPCA believes that unwanted pets deserve a dignified, painless death rather than suffer from such cruelties as malnutrition, disease or trauma, outcomes commonly associated with an unwanted and/or uncared-for existence. Similarly, long-term housing of individual dogs and cats in cages without access to exercise or social activities is not an acceptable alternative. Euthanasia must be understood for what it is: a last-step, end-of-the-road option to spare animals further hardship and suffering.

From the ASPCA website

That’s the last resort and I don’t even like contemplating it, but have to look at the possibility.

I’m open to any and all suggestions.

Anyone want to come tame and adopt a cat?

11 Comments on “Signs of spring”

  1. Debbie T says:

    Your pond always looks so enticing. Calming, too. As if a care in the world couldn’t possibly exist anywhere for miles and miles around.

  2. Kel says:

    heh heh
    those jolly flamingoes are back 🙂

    poor barney, or perhaps barnita
    the photos of her sitting at the window looking in on your cats just broke my heart
    she obviously recognises her feline tribe and wants some company
    but past experiences have obviously led her to fear getting too close

    if she came to my place and wasnt’ doing any damage or distressing existing pets, I’d just let her be how she needs to be – seeking sanctuary

    • Robin says:

      They break my heart too, Kel. We’ve been doing everything we can think of to try to find Barney a home. I wouldn’t mind keeping her as a barn/outdoor cat if I thought she would be ok. She just doesn’t seem to be holding up well outside, although feeding her has helped somewhat.

  3. Kel says:

    have you put photos up around town?
    perhaps Barney’s humans went to Florida and didn’t have a petsitter so Barney ran away . . .

  4. Marcie says:

    So good to see signs of spring!!! I hope you find a home for your stray kitty….:-(

  5. Anna Surface says:

    Well, your pond is starting to spring up. All we have here is green grass and no signs of flowers pushing through.

    I’ve read your accounts of Barney. How very sad. Barney appears to abandoned and dumped. There are cat traps in which you could trap the cat to get it to the vet. In the long run, perhaps if Barney was left to shelter as a barn cat and be fed since it is warming up, it may be better until something could be done and the cat may heal on its own. Could you have your local Humane Society place Barney on Pet You have photos of the cat and some history as to when it had showed up at your place. Pet Finder is a great place to list the cat as it may have been lost and not abandoned and the owner looking. Keep the cat for awhile until maybe other avenues open up or the owner claims. Poor kitty. That is just a suggestion and you’ll have to do what is best in your situation. You are in a dilemma, Robin. The best of luck to you and Barney.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Anna. We’ve looked into PetFinder and various other places. No luck so far. Nobody is taking in cats right now because there are already far too many of them.

      Poor kitties. 😦

  6. jenna says:

    Poor Barney. If you’re able to trap her and get her vet treatment, then provide shelter outside, she may warm up over time, get tame and become adoptable. (Or become your 3rd cat, if that’s an option)

    Posting Petfinder and craigslist are options too, just in case she wasn’t dumped and is sorely missed by somebody somewhere.

    • Robin says:

      I don’t think a 3rd cat is an option, Jenna. M’s got enough problems dealing with two cats. Poor guy is allergic to them and doesn’t like the idea of a 3rd cat.

      I did post at craigslist and tried all of the shelters/rescue places at Petfinder. I still have a few other options to explore.

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