Waiting for the sun

It was sunny this morning.  A little cool and breezy, but not so bad with the sun shining down on us.  M and I went for a nice long walk on the beach, enjoying the light and warmth of the sun.

After cleaning up a bit, we headed out for brunch.  We decided two meals a day might be more than enough given the amount of food we’ve been eating lately.  We went to Country Ham N’ Eggs Restaurant where we had omelets and mimosas to kick start our day.  The food and service were very good.  The mimosas were excellent.

When we came out, the skies were cloudy, the wind was really whipping, and it felt as though the temperature had dropped, so we meandered around the shops for a little while, mostly browsing.  We tried sitting out on the pool deck for a while, bundled up and with books to read, but it’s just too chilly for that right now.  The clouds are supposed to clear out by 4:oopm.  Hopefully we can get in some beach time then.

In the meantime, there is a sauna here at the resort.  Perhaps we’ll head over there to warm up.