Greetings from Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

(What we left behind.)

Early yesterday morning M and I went to the airport (where we witnessed an army of snow plows clearing the runways and airplane parking spaces which probably have a name but I don’t know what it is) to leave behind scenes such as you see above so we could enjoy scenes such as this:

(This morning’s view from our balcony.)

We were watching a local weather report on a local news program last night and the weatherperson was saying that a cold front will be moving through on Tuesday.  She showed the usual temperature chart of what the week ahead will look like.  The temperatures after the cold front moves through will be in the low 70’s.  For native Floridians, I reckon that’s cold.  For us northerners, who just came from the Land of Constant Snows, low 70’s is balmy.  It’s the sunshine, though, that really makes it great.

A note about the photos

I’m posting the unedited versions which means that occasionally, when I didn’t sight things just right, The Blob will appear.  Regular visitors to Life in the Bogs will know this is a speck of dust on the camera sensor and it’s not worth the expense for me to have it cleaned.  If all goes as planned, I will have a new camera sometime in April of this year.  It takes a lot of saved pennies to buy a new camera.

Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock

Being a woman used to northern climes, I usually find myself with a sunburn after our first day in the sunny south.  It happened in New Orleans last year when we arrived there early in the day only to find we couldn’t check into our hotel yet so we walked around the French Quarter on a beautifully sunny day where I quickly burned to an outrageous shade of red because I failed to apply sunblock when we left the cold and cloudy Bogs at four o’clock in the morning.

It was dark, cloudy, and rainy when we arrived in Florida late yesterday afternoon.  The dark, cloudy, rainy conditions were part of a front that caused us to have a bumpy ride during the last part of our flight.  (Have I ever mentioned that I’m afraid of flying?)  No worries as far as the sun was concerned.

But today dawned clear and sunny.  When we went out for a morning walk on the beach, I slathered on the sunblock the way someone of my paleness needs to.  A little later we showered and went out to do some shopping.  We’re renting a condo with a full kitchen so we needed to pick up some groceries.  The nearest grocery store is a mile from the resort and we are once again on a no-car vacation.  There is a free shuttle bus that circles around town, but we’re working on becoming fit and strong so we walked.

I forgot the sunblock.  I also got lucky.  No sunburn so far.  The walk took us through sun and shade.  It wasn’t until we left the store that I realized my face was the only part of the exposed bits of me that was protected (daytime moisturizers all seem to come with a built-in sunblock these days).

Where to eat and where not to eat

We had dinner last night at the Village Pump which is the bar/pub part of the Village Grille. Our waitress was cheerful, friendly, and fun.  The food was fresh, tasty, and wonderful.  We started with seafood appetizers and had salads as our main course.  It was a mixed-greens fest for us and we enjoyed every bit of it.

Today M and I had lunch at the Sea Ranch Diner near the grocery store.  Bad idea.  M ordered the lasagna and I ordered the stuffed pepper.  Both were lunch specials.  Both arrived cold.  And mine had some “off” flavors to it (I can’t think how to describe it other than musty, moldy, and not good).  The ladies restroom is badly in need of a good cleaning.  There is an ugly mold growing around the sinks and the smell was… not good.

It does seem to be a popular place.  It was packed and most people were eating breakfast.   Perhaps we would have done better if we’d ordered omelets.

(Tonight’s sunset.)


The sun is setting, the hockey game is over (which is what brought us indoors), and the full moon will be rising soon.  I’d better spend a few minutes looking up how to photograph the moon.  It seems I’ve forgotten how to do it.  I tried last night and it didn’t turn out well.

We spent our afternoon outdoors.  M went for a swim in the ocean.  I sat on the pool deck and read a book.  It’s a bit chilly for swimming although M insists the water is warmer than the air and thus, not unpleasant.  I may go for a dip in Mother Ocean tomorrow.  Today I was satisfied with some time in the hot tub.