February snow

(This morning’s view of the barn.)

We had our first good snowstorm of the year last night.  It was pretty amazing, watching all that snow pour down from the sky.  The wind was whipping pretty good, too.

(After the plowing.)

We got about 2 feet of snow all together, with drifts up to 4 feet.  I went out for a little while to take some pictures.  It was too cold to stay out for very long.  Sunny, beautiful, but below-freezing cold.

(Barny, the barn cat.)

(Looking through the branches of one of the pine trees.)


(M trying to use the sled as a snowboard.)

He wasn’t really trying to use it as a snowboard.  The snow is so deep that the sled just sinks into it instead of sliding over it.  Perhaps tonight when things freeze up a bit the sled will do what it’s supposed to do.