Snowy Saturday

(Nighttime snowflakes.)

The snow continues to tumble from the sky, twirling, whirling, and somersaulting in the gusts of wind.  Another 2-4 inches are expected tonight with another 2-4 inches predicted to fall tomorrow.  The current temperature is 13 degrees with a wind chill of -3.  Brrrrrr!  M is outside shoveling, a task that, this time of year, is as sysiphean as housework.  He’s also doing something he didn’t want me to do yesterday — feeding a stray cat.  I guess that makes the cat our official barn cat since M also provided some heat in the barn where it has been taking shelter.  It’s a long-haired cat that, M says, appears to be part Siamese.  I haven’t seen it yet and I don’t think he’s had more than a few quick glimpses of it.

(Creativity corner.)

In honor of my resolution and intention to simplify my home and life this new year, I started with my art desk corner (for a memory jog, see the posts here and here) yesterday.  I cleaned up and organized the desk.  I realize it doesn’t look particularly organized in the above photo, but you should have seen it before I started.  What you see is the result of me actually using the desk to work on an altered journal project.  I normally destroy my journals every year as a way of getting rid of the old and ushering in the new, but I like the design of this particular journal so I’ve been drawing and collaging over my writings, leaving bits and pieces showing through here and there.  I noticed that my intentions for the year are cropping up in a variety of ways, in words, scribbles, and pictures.  The end product may well turn out to be my 2010 journal.

I also started keeping track of my mileage and will be posting about that regularly (since the knowledge that I’m posting about it gives me the incentive to keep moving).  I’m only up to about 6 miles so far, but it’s only two days into the year.  I figure it’s a pretty good start.  As Lao Tzu once said or wrote:

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

(A touch of whimsy by the pond.)

Yesterday’s pork and sauerkraut was, as always, delicious.  Tonight we’re having a Cajun spiced vegetable soup.  I’m beginning to think the antibiotics I’m taking are placebos.  As M said the other day, you get what you pay for and I didn’t pay for the antibiotics due to pharmacy competition and the desire to have the lowest prices.  You can’t get much lower than free.  Perhaps some soup will do what the antibiotics are not doing and cure what ails me.  It would be nice to get the hearing back in my right ear.  I suspect the world is going to sound very loud when I do.