Hello 2010

Dear 2010,

I know you’re just a baby right now so I won’t put too much pressure on you by way of expectations.  I want to keep it simple this year and one act of simplicity I’d like to practice regularly is staying in the moment.  Generally, it’s a good place to be.  There are no regrets and worries in the present moment, no past, no future, no expectations.  Just the now.

That’s cool.

Because M and I went to bed early last night, I missed your entrance into this world.  I needed the rest.  I’ve carried the cold and ear infection from 2009 into 2010.  Before retiring relatively early we watched the movie De-Lovely.  I enjoyed the music and found the story of Cole Porter and his wife, Linda, interesting.

We awoke to more snow.  It looks like it will be that way for most of the week.  Snow and chilly temperatures, typical January weather.  This morning’s snow looked almost as if it was floating up from the ground to the sky instead of the usual other way around.

Although I have all sorts of plans and goals for the year, today is for celebrating and enjoying and acclimating to the new year.  It’s also for resting and taking care of myself.  Perhaps plenty of tender loving care will convince my body to rid itself of illness.  Or we can do it the hard way tomorrow by sweating it out with some good, honest exercise.

M is upstairs cooking the traditional pork and sauerkraut dinner (heavy on the sauerkraut and light on the pork).  My appetite came back today and I’m looking forward to eating soon.  The cold, it seems, wants to be fed.

So, welcome 2010.  Make yourself at home.  We’ve got another 364 days together.

Happy New Year everyone!