Ever wonder…

… what Santa does on the off-season?

M and I spotted him in New Orleans when we were there last April.  A group of school children gave him their Christmas wish-lists early after he proved — by way of his driver’s license — that he really is Santa Claus.

11 Comments on “Ever wonder…”

  1. jenna says:

    Even his shoes are red. Funny.

  2. Bo Mackison says:

    Ho ho ho! New Orleans, hmm? Makes a lot of sense to me!

  3. Wendi says:

    What a GREAT picture!!!! I hope to stumble across Santa on vacation some year!

  4. Kel says:

    you’re pulling our legs…

  5. Norm says:

    Looks like he’s slimmed down a bit since Xmas, too. Looking good Mr. Casual!

  6. Anna Surface says:

    LOL Now that is a great Santa photo! Good to see Santa relaxing in New Orleans.

  7. Marcie says:

    So..this is what a summer ‘Santa’ looks like??? TOO FUNNY!!!

  8. amuirin says:

    Ha! He does exist!

    My brother owes me $20.

  9. Debbie says:

    Merry Christmas, Robin!
    Focus on the good memories, it will help ease the pain.

  10. Corina says:

    I could have told you he is indeed real, however I didn’t know where to find him other than in December!

    Nice shot!

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