A Christmas tree (with snow!)

I see WordPress has brought back the snow.  Hurray!  Mother Nature is supposed to be bringing the snow back to the Bogs soon too.  I won’t cheer, though.  I’m afraid cheering might encourage Mother Nature to keep bringing snow well into the May (and we all know I’ll have had enough of the white stuff by February at the latest).

10 Comments on “A Christmas tree (with snow!)”

  1. jenna says:

    hello dear friend.

  2. jenna says:

    Phooey…my ugly pink abstract thing is back. Where’d my little monster avatar go?

  3. ybonesy says:

    Seems WP has its timing on the snow synced with lots of snow out there. We even got some today in NM, although it didn’t last. I cheer it on whenever I see it.

    Nice shot. The snow does add a nice effect.

  4. Kel says:

    that’s very clever Robin

    one day mr x and i would love to have a white xmas
    instead of a summer one

  5. Anna Surface says:

    LOL We, in our neck of the woods in Kansas, are expecting snow by late weekend and early next week. I am looking forward to it yet it is so very cold now! I had enabled the WP snow at our blog for a day; however, Preston didn’t like it! LOL So no snow there.

    I like the Christmas tree. We haven’t yet photographed anything Christmas like yet.

  6. Marcie says:

    Looks like Christmas!!

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