(185:  Breadsticks and sunlight in sepia.)

The house is quiet except for the squeaking of Izzy’s meow.  She must be looking for her sister, Bella.  Whenever they get separated in the house, one or the other will walk around meowing until they’re reunited.  You’d think they hadn’t seen each other in ages even though it was probably no more than a few minutes.  They rub noses, sniff each other, purr a little, hang out together for a while until one wanders off and the process is repeated sometime later.

Silly kitties.

We had a lovely visit with friends who have been staying with us since Sunday.  Last night we went to Akron for a visit to 69 Taps and then dinner at Bricco.  It was fun.  Good food, good service,  and excellent company.  B & S left just a little while ago to make their way south to visit with some of their family for Thanksgiving.

M & I are planning a quiet Thanksgiving, just the two of us, the cats, and a turkey that’s much too big for the two of us but the smallest I could find when I went shopping last week.  It’s close to 12 lbs.  I’m used to cooking something bigger because I’m used to having family or friends here for Thanksgiving dinner.  What we don’t eat will freeze well so I’m not worried about leftovers.

The pond looks purple today.  We seem to have settled into the lake-effect gloominess (cloudiness) that is typical of this time of year.  Hopefully we’ll see the sun again sometime before March.  In the meantime, I almost wish it would snow as I find snow much more fun than this dreary, misty, rainy weather.