(176:  Honey bee on bok choy flowers.)

The weather here in the Bogs has been amazing.  I’ve probably already said that a few times over the past week.  And it’s true.  Amazing.  Simply amazing.  This has not been November weather at all.  No snow.  Very little rain.  Mostly sunny, mostly clear, most of the time.  M and I both said a thank you to the sun for hanging around over the past four days.

While working in the garden yesterday I noticed some yellow flowers.  They turned out to be bok choy plants that I was too lazy busy to pull once they bolted.  There was a honey bee hanging out on one of the plants, enjoying the flowers.

It’s going to be unseasonably warm again today, but with a cloud cover.  There is a weak cold front moving through, bringing mostly clouds and little rain.  We could probably use a bit of rain although it would be good to see the pond levels continue to go down.  We have decided not to try a drawdown (first mentioned here).  We would have to run a pump constantly for 6-8 days to bring the pond down enough to kill the weeds at the edges.  That doesn’t take into account the inevitable clogging of the pump which would set us back at least a few hours each time it happened.  So, if the pond should naturally do a drawdown due to evaporation and a lack of rain, that would be a good thing.