(164:  Red-tailed hawk.)

At Robbins Crossing (the 1840’s era Ohio village) we met Gray, a red-tailed hawk.  She’s a beautiful bird.  There were so many people gathered around that I didn’t get a chance to ask how she had come to be there.  I’m guessing she was injured as that’s usually how a red-tailed hawk ends up being an exhibit at these places.

(Gray with her handler.)

You can read more about the red-tailed hawk here.  We see them quite frequently in the trees surrounding the pond, especially during the winter months.

This morning’s moonset was gorgeous.  I should have dragged out the tripod and the camera and taken a few photos, but sometimes all I want to do is watch and enjoy.  So that’s what I did, watched and enjoyed the reflection of the moon in the pond, then looking at the moon itself as it slipped down behind the trees at the back of the pond.

I’m glad I took plenty of photos during our train trip as I really don’t have much to write about (unless things like laundry and housekeeping interest you).  It’s kind of nice to have a quiet, uneventful life for a change.

6 Comments on “Gray”

  1. anhinga says:

    She is beautiful. One of my favorite birds. I share my property with red-shouldered. They are fascinating.

  2. So majestic! Very amazing!

  3. I’ve learned when one of these are sitting in a field, it is because something else is breathing it’s last few breaths between the hawk’s sharp talons.

    I enjoy your write-ups very much and I wish I had a pond to go along with the horse I wish to have.

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